Attention Beware buyers importers of medical or optical equipment:
Bago Sukato , at , Yanidilla JP Ltd and Sri Wahyuni Ltd

these are scammers from Indonesia showing themselves as a japanese company:



or: as false shipping company

or: is a fake website of a shipping company to give you a virtual tracking number.

They entice honest buyers or victims worldwide to buy high quality equipment of a prestigious brand name like  NIDEK from Japan, and advertising at much lower prices than usual to capture victims of the rip-off.

Then they send you and invoice and promise you to ship the paid items through a fake website by the name of or

Time after you have paid the invoice amount, they tell you that you need to send them additional money to pay the export taxes in Japan. This is absurd, considering no country in the world taxes exports. But, it is a good excuse to make the rip-off for a greater amount.

They never ship the merchandise and the address they given in japan is also fake, this is to let you think that you are buying from a Nidek distributor.
This is the false addres they use as a company located in Japan:

Sri Wahyuni Ltd,129 Bonsan Ken Shinchiba Chiba
Phone : +81-43-23231239 

The website is a big part of the scam. It is designed to post a virtual tracking number.

I hope authorities will find these criminals. The have created a series of websites and false advertising for their criminal activities.

The account they use is:
Bank Name : Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account Name : Sri Wahyuni
Account Number : 0222206471
Bank address : 89-21 Senjansan Chiba Japan
Billing address : 129 Bonsan Ken Shinchiba Chiba Japan Bank Swift code : CENAIDJAXXX
Located in Indonesia. 

Payment method : Bank Transfer in advance